We are LIVE!

We always said we would do it,  now we are!  A Mom/Daughter duo that love all things D.I.Y, delicious and decadent!

We don’t know how this blog will evolve, but look forward to ramblings on our lives, crafty ideas, things to purchase, and everything in between!

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4 comments on “We are LIVE!

  1. Danielle Clarke says:

    Anne- so proud of you and your mom- your stuff is so adorable! Let me know if you need Grace to model for you and I need to order one of those Halloween onesies for her! Have you considered putting stuff on etsy.com? I’ve ordered her a few things from there and love that site! Congrats!

    • Danielle-
      Thanks for the well wishes! We’d love to have Gracie be our first baby model in Pockets Filled With Posies gear! We have a onsie all ready to ship out- expect it in the coming week- what size? We are hoping to get an etsy page started by the end of September (so busy with the full time gig), so stay tuned for future posts with links- thanks for the suggestion and THANKS for leaving a comment!

  2. Danielle Clarke says:

    Gracie Bean (Brendan’s nickname for her) is a peanut so probably 9 months. There are a ton of fun art/craft fairs around here if you and your mom ever want to show your stuff down South! Miss you!

  3. D-
    We’d love to go “on the road” 🙂 OK- we’ll put something in the mail- be sure to send pictures and tell all your new friends (one’s who no doubt, are 2nd best when it comes to mojito making).

    Miss you!

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