Our First Model!

Imagine A.’s surprise when she checked her Facebook and saw Pockets Filled With Posies first baby model- Miss Maggie– in her adorable Halloween costume (thanks to her Mom, Sara, for posting the photo).  P. dropped off the tutu and hat yesterday during a visit.

Ms. Maggie has long worn Pockets Filled With Posies creations, but now that we are sharing them with the world, we were excited to share Miss Maggie with you!

Is this how Ralph Lauren felt when Gwyneth Paltrow premiered his now-iconic pink gown to the 1999 Academy Awards?  Perhaps!

Tutu sets (tutu AND a hat or headband) are just $25 and we have plenty of fall and  holiday sets available in all sizes, just message us for more details!

We hope to have our Etsy shop opened soon, so stay tuned but we can always chat before then about something you might need!

a tutu and hat are the final touch for Miss Maggie's Halloween costume- and her hat can be worn with her fall and winter coat

a bashful smile that melts our hearts!


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