Come see us tomorrow at “Holiday Magic Stress Be Gone” tomorrow in Orland!

Pockets Filled with Posies will be in Orland Hills tomorrow night for “Holiday Magic Stress Be Gone” hosted by Orland Township in their township office buidling at 14897 S. Ravinia Ave starting at 6pm.

For an evening of pampering, relaxation, entertainment and shopping, come out for a $5 donation to help fund the township’s food pantry and see us!  There will also be mini massages, yoga instruction and crafty hostess “How To’s.”  for the DIYer in us all!

We’ll have our signature onsies, tutu’s, knit hats, and bands including cute holiday gear, and a sneak peak to our Baby Boy “Onsie Tux” as well as some cute headbands for ladies of all ages!

Hope to see you there!

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