Candy Corn Creative!

P. recently hosted old colleagues and dear friends for an autumnal dinner party and decided on a cute, quirky and seasonal theme- candy corn! She had some fun using the trio of orange, yellow and white in her candelabra’s, napkins and plates as well as created this cute centerpiece with ghost Peeps and a trio of yellow daisy’s, orange spray roses, and white carnations.


4 comments on “Candy Corn Creative!

  1. janetedaly says:

    how do you get the flowers to stay on do you just place them on

    • Sorry for the delay! We don’t often check our messages 🙂 There is a vase inside the hurrican vase- to keep the marshmellow and candycorn in and the flowers together. Then the stems are cut to the appropriate height.

  2. Diane Coffman says:

    Are there directions for making the candy corn vase? How do you get the peeps to stay in place while you fill the vase with the candy corn etc.

    • Hi Diane! There is a skinnier vase within the vase that helps keep it all in place and takes up space so you don’t need as many candy corns. If you look closely the flowers are on a block of foam that is taped to a glass plate sitting on top.

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