Giving Thanks

It’s been a year of thanks for Pockets Filled With Posies.  More weddings, showers, birthdays and events under our belts in 2012- and many great opportunities on the horizon- all the while being able to exercise the creativity both A. and P. yearn for, and work as a team! To be able to do something you love and see the joy in others when they see your labor is such an incredible feeling.

In preparation for the Thanksgiving holiday, A. and P. headed over to Kio Kreations and took a class in long and low autumnal centerpieces from the fabulously creative Kristen Janes.  Not surprisingly, each centerpiece turned out unique!  Enjoy the pictures.  THANK YOU your support and encouragement this year!

A. opted to use curly willow branches and 2 candles

P. went with birch branches and one large center candle.


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