Cocktail Table Centerpiece for Political Fundraiser

A. had he opportunity to chair a young professionals fundraiser for her amazing cousin, who is running for state senate at the rooftop of Plymouth Restaurant & Bar in The Loop. With zero budget for centerpieces, A. came up with a casual red, white and blue themed cocktail table decorations using supplies she had left over from various projects.  They were the perfect touch of “soft” for a mid-week political cocktail reception!

Mike Hastings for IL State Senate!

Come see us tomorrow at “Holiday Magic Stress Be Gone” tomorrow in Orland!

Pockets Filled with Posies will be in Orland Hills tomorrow night for “Holiday Magic Stress Be Gone” hosted by Orland Township in their township office buidling at 14897 S. Ravinia Ave starting at 6pm.

For an evening of pampering, relaxation, entertainment and shopping, come out for a $5 donation to help fund the township’s food pantry and see us!  There will also be mini massages, yoga instruction and crafty hostess “How To’s.”  for the DIYer in us all!

We’ll have our signature onsies, tutu’s, knit hats, and bands including cute holiday gear, and a sneak peak to our Baby Boy “Onsie Tux” as well as some cute headbands for ladies of all ages!

Hope to see you there!

Summer Vinyard Wedding in Three Oaks, Michigan

This past July A. had the honor of helping her dear friend plan her beautiful vineyard wedding in Three Oaks, Michigan.  The bride knew how much A. loved to work on paper crafts and floral arranging, so she asked if A. would do the honors and A. excitedly said YES, YES, YES!

Since A. had never taken on a wedding other than her own (see her creations by clicking here), she was both elated and a little nervous.  She was confident that she could get it done and have it be beautiful for her friend, but adding a destination wedding to the equation added a perplexing twist.  With the help of her favorite floral designer Kristen, owner of Kio Kreations, they devised a plan.  Kristen worked on things that could be driven to Michigan (bouquets) and A. would do the rest on site.

The bride and groom chose the beautiful Willow Harbor Vineyards in Three Oaks Michigan for both the ceremony and reception. They wanted a relaxed yet classy wedding using a color palette of merlot (it was at a winery, after all!), gray, black, cream and a hint of silver.

The couple love to travel and wanted to highlight some of their vacation photos as table cards so instead of being assigned a traditional table number, you were assigned a particular destination they had visited.   A. designed the table cards to reflect their wish and softened the cards using lace as a backdrop to the beautiful black and white photographs chosen by the bride.

To carry out the travel theme to the table cards, A. created a seating chart using a vintage map with pin points to each destination (and as a surprise to the bride and groom, added their honeymoon spot in an alternating color scheme for a final touch!).

A hole was cut into the top of a wine crate to hold cards on the gift table, and A. created a standing wine cork decorative initial of the newlyweds using corks of wine bottle that A. and the bride had shared over the years as friends.

As for the flowers, the bride wanted roses and dahlias to take center stage in all of the designs.  She did not want tall arrangements, but rather smaller clusters of flowers that looked natural on each table as well as a lantern centerpiece.  We came up with two different designs that reflected her wishes and added dimension as well as additional light, to the tented, yet outdoor, space.  Additionally, A. created a simple and architectural boutonniere for the groom and wrist corsage for both the mother’s and grandmother’s of the couple.

Finally, since the vineyard had several outdoor spaces important to the wedding (the ceremony site, the main tent for the reception, a barn where the bathrooms were located, and a  separate outdoor patio for the cocktail reception), A. suggested a luminary to light the path to each of these locations.

Probably A.’s favorite aspect of this particular wedding was having the brides complete faith- to which A. took complete  advantage of much to the bride’s delight!  A. added final touches to every spot within the vineyard including wine cork filled centerpieces at the cocktail reception patio, additional flowers on the main bar in the tent, special messaging tied to the “Flip Flop Basket” provided by the newlyweds, rose petals leading up to the tent and scattered over the desert and cocktail tables, and candles galore that flickered in the moonlight to cast a romantic glow upon the bride and groom.  A. even used pieces of the bride’s wedding dress to create a coordinating hair accessory for her to wear!

Despite building all the centerpieces in a 100 degree barn (that’s right folks, no AC to keep the flowers cool on the hottest weekend of the summer and they STILL looked amazing), the wedding was a beautiful success and the reception lasted until the wee hours of the morning.  Even in the heat (and A.’s husband will tell you, it was HOT!), the flowers looked so good the next day, the owner of the vineyard took them to decorate his restaurant in downtown Three Oaks!

Enjoy the pictures- some come from the talented Kim Berry of  Captured Memories– and some come from tear down the next day (yes, A. forgot her camera day of in all of the excitement!).

HUGE thanks to Kristen at Kio Kreations, and thank-you and CONGRATULATIONS Mr. & Mrs. Ryan Walker!

All the paper crafts and accents together

Close up on table card that identified each table with a unique location the bride and groom had visited together

A. added a surprise soon-to-be-visited honeymoon destination detail in alternating colors

Seating chart

Seating chart with coordinating location pin points

Gift table

The bride and groom’s new initial- handmade by A. using wine corks from wine shared with bride (don’t judge, we’ve been friends for a while!)

beautiful bride and handsome groom among the grapes in the vineyard. Also pictured is the beautiful bouquet created by Kio Kreations and boutonniere by A.

Close-up of the handsome groom, his simple yet stylish boutonniere at the cocktail reception site

Pieces of the bridal gown re-envisioned into a hair accessory for the bride

The bride and groom’s first dance- and you can see the pretty hairpiece!

Centerpiece #1 day of wedding, bubble centerpiece with dahlia’s, roses, lily’s, amaranthus and orchids

Centerpiece #1- even the next day, after a full 24 hours in the heat, the flowers STILL looked great! Here you can see it with the table card and candles

Centerpiece #2 (pictured the next day), silver lantern, trio of flowers in bud vases, and table card

Dahlia in bud vase with dusty miller

Trio of dahlia’s in bud vase

Trio of bud vases the next day

A. floated dahlia’s in the fountain in the cocktail reception site

(Pictured the next day) A. brought additional vases from home and added a trio of dahlia’s to the bar inside the tent.

luminary at twilight facing the barn and the cocktail reception site to the left, and one of the paths to the tent on the right

luminary at twilight looking into the reception tent

luminary at twilight looking into the reception tent

A. and the bride take a break from dancing to show of some of the bud vases!

Halloween Is Around the Corner and Etsy Shop Opened!

Halloween is almost here- A.’s FAVORITE time of the year!  P. always made sure that A. had the best homemade Halloween costumes not a single store-bought, plastic costume on this little lady!

From Suzy Snowflake, to Santa’s Elf (for an Indian Princess Father/Daughter Halloween Party with B. as Santa of course), to a Princess, to She-ra- they all had that special touch only P. can accomplish.

A.’s favorite costume was when P. made her a Toothfairy.  Complete with sparkly handmade wings, tutu, leotard with silver ruffles, glittery wand and a coordinating silver sack for “teeth,” A. felt the part and her classmates were in awe of the amount of glitter one Toothfairy could produce!

A. as the "Toothfairy" circa 1986

In keeping with the home-made spirit of Halloween A. and P. have created adorable baby Halloween sets, and with Halloween fast approaching, A. FINALLY got PFWP’s Etsy shop up and running befre it was too late!

You can check out Pockets Filled With Posies Etsy shop by clicking here, but here is a preview of all the items for purchase for your little “Pumpkin” 🙂

Although it was super easy uploading all the cute products, she had trouble making the Etsy site “pretty” so cut her some slack when you are browsing!

We can ship to make sure you receive your Halloween orders in time, as always, message us with any questions/custom orders.

A.’s favorite has to be the twin sets- too adorable!

Thanks for stopping by- please forward to your friends!

A. & P.

A. calls this "Sophisticated Halloween Baby." Black tulle tutu with adjustable waist, black crochet hat with orange peony and black beads and feathers $25

Close up of Sophisticated Halloween Hat

Orange Tutu and Crochet Hat set with Candy Corn details- $25

Close up of Candy Corn Halloween Set

Still a firm believer that little boys can be just as quirky adorable as the girl! Baby Boy Halloween Tie Onsie available in 3-6 and 6-9 month $10

Close up detail showing decorative hand sewn stitching on Baby Boy Halloween Onsie

Baby Girl Halloween long sleeved Onsie with washable fabric paint faux necklace, grosgrain ribbon and button accents. 3-6 and 6-9 month- $10

Baby Girl Halloween Onsie, tutu and hat set. 3-6 and 6-9 month available- $30

Perfect for twins- this matching Baby Boy and Girl Halloween set comes with tutu, crochet hat and faux necklace onsie for her and a matching tie onsie for him! 3-6or 6-9 month available. Adorable! $40

Five hundred twenty-five thousand, six hundred minutes

It’s hard to believe that A. was riding in the trolley to her wedding reception as this is being typed one year ago today on 10.2.10! How time flies!

Being the crafty duo that they are- A.wanted P. to help her plan and execute a classic, preppy and elegant affair- with as much D.I.Y. as possible. In fact, A. was even determined to do her own centerpieces until her beloved florist, Kristen, owner of Kio Kreations knocked some sense into her!

A. fell in love with the peacock feather, for it’s rich gold, deep classic blue, and preppy green and used the feather and it’s colors as her inspiration to the wedding.   She found a fabulous Japanese Chiyogami decorative print from Paper Source and decided to use it as a uniting theme for her wedding and all of it’s festivities.  According to Paper Source, Chiyogami papers are characteristically small dense patterns that were originally wood block prints but are now typically silk screened. The overlapping circles pattern first was used in Nara, Japan in the 8th century.

P. worked tirelessly to incorporate A.’s wedding color scheme, as well as the theme- “A Perfect Pair” into A.’s bridal shower which was held at Cog Country Club.

The wedding itself was held at her families parish and the reception was at the The Grand Ballroom in Joliet Train Station (a unique, but timeless location perfectly fit for the bride and groom).

Below are pictures of the paper products that were created for the shower and wedding!

If you are planning a wedding or know someone who is, have them contact Pockets Filled With Posies, we’d love to help with paper products, floral, or any other special need to create a beautiful memory for the bride and groom!

Next week, we will showcase a beautiful vineyard wedding A. just finished for her good friend L., complete with table numbers, flowers, and other unique event designs!

The Shower Invite

Centerpieces at each table with a shoe box in gold paper and shoes filled with blue, green and goldenrod flowers

Another "pair" of shoes along with the picture that later became the Thank You note for the couple- a picture of the "Perfect Pair" along with their dog, Frank The Tank

A “Perfect Pair” take-away, a fabulous sugar cookie with fondant frosting made by P. She can make any shape you can imagine!

A little decoration along the hearth of the Country Club

P. and A. learned the art of embossing for the wedding, and used the technique throughout the event. Here a peacock feather is embossed on the wedding program cover

Wedding program front page

Peacocks hold such a special meaning for unions, A. wanted to make sure her guests knew of their significance.

A. wanted to make sure to encorporate family wedding photo’s into her wedding and came up with a “Family Tree” complete with photo’s from both A. and N.’s side.

Anne printed the photo's and mounted them on her signature print, then her florist tied them to a gold manzanita branch tree and viola! a family tree

Sweets Table sign

Instead of traditional table numbers, each table was numbered according to a picture of the corresponding age for both A. and N., and many guest went table to table looking at the various pictures of the bride and groom.

A. and N. were adamant about not doing a favor but instead donating to good causes. Here is what A. and P. created to signify this request

N.'s family is from a small village in Italy, so for the wedding A.thought it would be fun to set wine from their hometown on each table along with a wine tag explaining the wine's origin and toasting to the bride and groom!